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Meet the Magic Party Buddies!

These friends can’t wait to make your day even more special! Invite them to your next party, event, or gathering today

(All characters listed can be booked for our Magic Buddy Party package only. To see our list of Magical Twisters,

Our Magic Buddies unfortunately do not posses the powers depicted in the photos; these have been added for special effect (If we find out they have super human powers we’ll let you know!)


All characters provided by Gia’s Balloon Buddies LLC are based on our imagination, community, and everyday people. Gia’s Balloon Buddies LLC does not use any copyrighted characters, terms, costumes, etc. Any resemblance between Gia’s Balloon Buddies LLC characters and copyrighted figures is a coincidence.

***Our Headquarters is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio (45244). A travel fee will be added to your package for anything outside of a 20 mile radius from HQ***

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