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Girl with a pink shirt on surrounded by children holding colorful balloon animals

Whitney W. 

I can't say enough amazing things about Gia! She is so professional and so talented! She was the talk of the party at my daughter's recent birthday party. The kids absolutely loved her. She was so great to work with and we will definitely be using her for many more parties!


Shawna D.

Gia's Balloons did a birthday party for my last week. She was so outgoing and kind and the kids enjoyed her so very much! Her balloon artistry is impressive and all of the kids enjoyed their balloons she made. It was such a windy day but it didn't phase her at all, she just kept the fun up and kept making balloons. I wish I had got a good picture of all the kids but I couldn't get them gathered because they were so busy playing! 10/10 would hire Gia's Balloons again! Thanks so much!

Photography by Colby Taylor Media

Tony S.

She was set up in Florence, KY for Deck the Y'all's at the Florence Y'all's baseball stadium! She and her helper were making free balloon animals for all the kids and they were so nice to our boys! Especially our youngest who is autistic. They were so patient and friendly while he made his decision on what he wanted and they both kept smiles on their faces the whole time and were so kind! Based off of this brief interaction we would recommend her and can't say enough good things!

Elizabeth L.

We have used Gia and her team for three events at our church. They are always the first thing I book! They are professional, kind, fun and talented! The kids always love their balloons and I love knowing I have a great vendor I can count on. Thanks Gia and team! <3

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